to the Sing Chang Koi Farm of Taiwan. We produce quality Koi bred with Japanese Champions since 1980.

Quality Koi from Taiwan

Our Koi have received champion awards at the biggest international Koi Shows in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

We use only natural ways of breeding and growing Koi, without growth enhancers making the Koi strong and resilient to keep in ponds all over the world.

Apart from Gosanke, we specialize in a wide variety of Koi that are not as readily available in Japan. Contact us for a stock-list and price-list.


We are experts in preparing and shipping Koi for journeys of up to 60h. We regularly ship Koi to many cities in the world, such as:

Frankfurt (Germany), Miami, San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C. (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa), Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou (China), Moskow (Russia), Amsterdam (Holland), Milano (Italy), Paris (France).


We are also a agent for Japan's Sakai Fish Farm, allowing us to buy Tategoi from Japan and growing them in the warmer climate of Taiwan.

International Koi Shows

We exhibit at Koi Shows and competitions in many countries. Koi Shows allow us to exchange experiencs and be close to our customers, as well as particiate in the competition.

The Koi Farm participated at Koi Shows in South Africa, the USA, Germany, Holland, the UK, Mainland China and Japan where our Koi got awarded trophies.

Japanese Parent Koi

All of our parent Koi come from big-name breeders in Japan, such as Sakai, Omosako, Dainichi and Narita.

We travel to Japan regularly for new stock.


Sing Chang Koi Co Ltd
No 142 Shia Rd, Shueiwei Village
Lunbei Township, Yunlin County
Postal Code: 63745

Phone: +886 (0) 5 696 1728
Email: koi@sc-koi.com
Facebook: SCKoi

Most company updates are done on Facebook, in Chinese. Should you have any questions, please inquire by Email in English, Japanese, Chinese or German.

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